Exclusive Chōju Retreats

Experience the first Chōju-Retreat in October & November 2024

We take you to exclusive and special places, giving you the opportunity to experience the comprehensive Chōju Longevity concept and start your new life full of energy and zest for life. In an exclusive setting, you will experience high-tech medicine tailored to your personal needs.

Our retreat offer includes our essential diagnostics and therapies and is designed for seven or fourteen nights.

Even in this short time, a lot can be achieved: After the first few days, you will noticeably feel lighter, look fresher, and have more energy. During these days, surrounded by an exclusive and luxurious atmosphere, you lay the foundation for your new lease on life with time and medical care. You will experience high-tech medicine at the highest level, combined with cultural experiences in a pleasant atmosphere of well-being. Our extensive program ensures that no day is like the other.
"Longevity and zest for life" in the most beautiful places in the world 

Your stay at a Chōju Retreat begins long before – it starts with your desire for a new and improved sense of life. For more mental and cognitive agility, for feeling more comfortable with your own body and skin. Your goals can be diverse: more zest for life, detoxification, restoration of mobility, a fresh and healthy appearance, prevention and alleviation of diseases, regaining or maintaining performance, more ease and better handling of everyday stress, and much more.

We take your needs seriously and
are there for you around the clock.

During your stay at our Chōju Health Resorts in wonderful places like South Tyrol or Mallorca, our doctors and therapists will accompany you on the path to your individual health goals. After an extensive examination and DNA tests in advance, a personalized therapy concept is defined, tailored to your individual well-being and health. The individual, empathetic care provided by the Chōju expert team forms the basis for your personal path to the ideal state of health and for activating your self-healing powers. 

The Chōju Longevity Enzymes are developed on a high-tech basis and are personalized for you in a therapy plan. Complementary booster infusions, movement therapies, meditation, Longevity nutrition, HIIT training, manual movement therapies, and a high-caliber cultural and evening program complete the Chōju experience for you. 

We are the first Longevity concept worldwide with which you can experience a comprehensive high-tech program in a retreat. However, staying at a Chōju Retreat is only the beginning of a journey to a new YOU, as we continue to support you after your stay – we keep in touch and advise you beyond your stay. With interesting newsletters, WhatsApp groups, video calls, and information in our Info Hub, we accompany you through your new life.

If you have any questions, we are happy to assist you and together with you, we will arrange YOUR stay at a Chōju Retreat.

How does a retreat proceed?

The foundation of our retreats is the analysis of your DNA and its evaluation. Therefore, 4 weeks before the start of your stay at a Chōju Retreat, you will receive the test kit at home. When you arrive, the test results are already available and together with the comprehensive medical examination, we have a picture of your health status. 

You discuss the test results with the Chōju expert team and we create your personal therapy plan. The Chōju medical team is on-site continuously, and you have daily talks or lectures with the expert team.

A central element is the enjoyable Sirtfood nutrition. The gourmet team not only introduces you to the Chōju nutritional philosophy but also, you learn interesting background knowledge and nutritional tips in cooking workshops and nutrition lectures. An individual nutrition plan helps you integrate the new Longevity nutrition into your daily life. 

During your stay, you will receive gourmet nutrition (rich in fiber and vitamins and low in carbohydrates) that you will enjoy. All meals, snacks, water, coffee, and tea are included in the retreat price.

Depending on your goals, you will receive between 4 and 6 Longevity infusions per week. These are integrated into your therapy plan based on the evaluation of your tests. With these high-tech infusions, you receive energy and vitality, toxins are eliminated, and power substances are supplied to you. Before your stay, the Chōju expert team will discuss the objectives with you and also compile the infusion plan for you.

The Chōju therapy and the beautiful surroundings of our Chōju Retreats provide the framework for relaxation and rest. In the Chōju Retreats, we create the atmosphere and the comfortable environment to enable optimal regeneration for body and mind.

You should feel comfortable again in body, mind, and soul. This includes the right balance of movement, physiotherapy, and sports. We have assembled a high-caliber Chōju sports and lifestyle team for you, which addresses your current state and objectives with group therapy and individual treatment.

We work with the latest technology and innovative scientific high-tech methods. We always seek the best for our guests and continuously follow the latest medical findings. The methods we employ enable precise diagnoses and optimal therapy.

One of our goals at Chōju is "zest for life" – hence this goal also plays a crucial role in our Chōju Retreats. Therefore, we have put together a cultural and evening program for you, where we offer you, for example, fireside chats, cabaret, creative workshops, concerts, and much more. Renowned artists, intriguing minds, and experts in their field will be on site with you and offer you a first-class program.

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Exclusive Chōju Retreats at MANNA Resort, South Tyrol

1st week of October
October 6 to October 13, 2024
2nd week of October
October 13 to October 20, 2024

1st week of November
November 10 to November 17, 2024
2nd week of November
November 17 to November 24, 2024

Take your time.
The minimum stay is 7 days. A longer stay has a positive effect on the healing and regeneration process.

Do you have any questions or would you like to receive more information about the retreat?

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"New life energy, zest for life, and exchange, contemplation, and peace"

Step into a new life. With the unique program, holistically tailored and personalized to your individual needs and goals, you will find sustainable health and new quality of life at the Chōju Retreat.

Begin your journey to a never-before-experienced feeling of life. Join us at the MANNA Resort in South Tyrol. 

In addition to our team of medical and longevity experts, you can expect an all-around carefree program, excellent cuisine, and a luxurious and special environment. The first Chōju Retreat takes place in the beautiful South Tyrol. In a very special resort, which not only provides peace, inspiration, and strength but also where you can holistically experience and enjoy the "Chōju" concept in an exclusive location. 

At our Chōju Retreats, everything is directed towards your personal health goal. With our medical programs, we create the necessary foundation for your body and mind to enhance your quality of life. Medical competence and a holistic approach make it possible to treat various disease patterns. During the therapy process, there are daily consultations with one of our doctors to help you achieve your personal goals in the best possible way. 

We analyze your DNA and epigenetics before your arrival, allowing us to work effectively and sustainably on your goals from the beginning of the retreat. Your journey to long-term health begins with Chōju. Our Health Concept not only helps you to achieve and maintain your optimal weight in the long term but also frees you from emotional stress and mental burdens. You gain mental strength, become resilient again, and feel active and full of good energy. 

"Everything beautiful in this world in a jewelry box made of wood, rocks, and water, surrounded by Alpine peaks and with a wide view of the green Adige Valley" 

The MANNA Resort is located in the Castelfeder area in the South Tyrolean lowlands. Surrounded by orchards and vineyards, it is a less visited region that offers an oasis of calm and relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of traditional tourist destinations. The resort is situated at the foot of the Monte Corno Nature Park, while Bolzano and Merano are half an hour away by car, as are Trento and the Dolomites.

The following services are included in the Chōju Longevity Week:
  • Accommodation in a suite
  • As part of the retreat, an individual Sirtfood diet (full board) as well as coffees, all herbal teas, and mineral water are included.
  • The use of indoor and outdoor pools, natural swimming pond, sauna, sanarium, steam bath, fitness room, and E-bike rental are free of charge.

The Chōju Longevity Weekly Program:
  • DNA analysis and epigenetic analysis to determine the individual weekly program
  • Together with the attending physician, you will additionally develop a treatment and therapy strategy – here we align with your current life and health status and your personal goals.
  • 1 Initial medical examination and findings/test discussion for 40 minutes
  • 1 Final medical examination for 30 minutes
  • 1 Lymphatic drainage for 50 minutes
  • 1 Classic massage for 50 minutes
  • 1 Stretching massage for 50 minutes
  • 1 Detox massage for 50 minutes
  • 1 Individual massage based on test results
  • Laboratory tests
  • 1 Urine examination
  • Chōju Longevity Enzymes as prescribed by the doctor
  • Doctor's introductory lecture
  • Daily infusion therapy based on analysis results for up to 60 minutes
  • Daily physical applications for 30 minutes
  • Daily meditation and relaxation programs individually and in small groups
  • Introductory lecture on HIIT training
  • HIIT training individually and in groups
  • Topic-related lectures
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Cultural program with high-caliber guests (fireside chats, cabaret, etc.)
  • Doctor's availability 24 hours
  • Upon departure: A three-month pack of "My Daily Chōju" micronutrients based on your test results

Additionally, you can supplement the program with cosmetic treatments at the Chōju Spa. In the medical consultation, depending on the goal and test results, special programs can be added upon request. 

Your Components: 

  1. Chōju-Longevity-Medicine Basic Program for 1 week:
    6.990,– Euro
    Duration: 7 days; Price excluding accommodation.

    The price includes the items described in the aforementioned service package of the "Chōju-Longevity Program" (including infusions, enzymes, etc.). The composition of your final therapy plan will be tailored to your individual needs and goals and discussed with you by your doctor. 

  2. Extension week after personal consultation and program determination:
    5,990.– Euro 

  3. Accommodation in suites or chalets per room/night
    Occupancy 1 person: Suite 700.– Euro/night
    Occupancy 2 people: Suite 900.– Euro/night
    Occupancy 2 people: Chalet-Suite 1,300.– Euro/night

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Exclusive Chōju Retreats at Cap Rocat in Mallorca – COMING SOON

October 2024/March 2025

Your arrival at the Hotel Cap Rocat marks the beginning of a sensual venture, a journey for the senses. 
Those who cross the threshold of Cap Rocat also enter an entirely novel space. It is the beginning of a journey for the senses, a sensual undertaking, where every detail contributes to enhancing experiences and sensations. A unique place to embrace the rediscovery of the possibilities of "Chōju Longevity". 

At Cap Rocat, silence reigns supreme, the kind of quiet that allows us to breathe deeply and become one with our surroundings. You will then discover the rustling of the wind and the incomparable feeling as the air flows through your hair and glides over your skin. Even the leaves of the palm trees in the courtyard sway in the wind. They are the leisurely, all-encompassing calm, the perfect counterbalance when you sit comfortably at the table after a meal, as time slowly passes during these days, allowing you to drift. Carefree, indulgent days, where we can confidently listen to the chirping of birds over the cape and need not worry about anything else.

"We want to take you to special places, into exclusive houses, to experience the Chōju-Longevity concept with all your senses!"

Anja Weber, Founder of Chōju

„Unser Ziel ist es mit unserem Angebot

unsere Gäste zu einem gesunden

und glücklichen Leben zu befähigen – Mit

Lebenslust und voller Energie wieder voll


Anja Weber, Chōju Gründerin